Create Change This Summer With NAIL

Create & Inspire real change this Summer with NAIL

The ability to recognize an opportunity and take action is rare. When someone can do that, they're bound to change the world. We all have the potential to create change in more ways than we know, we need only recognize the opportunities available to us. This is one of those opportunities. 

Create a Lasting & positive Change

in your community

Design a $1000 Community Project of your


Learn Entrepreneurship from successful local leaders

Four Weeks to Learn, Create, & Innovate

A NAIL Summer Session is a four-week community led, locally driven, and youth focused entrepreneurial experience designed to give local High School Students the opportunity to create real change in their home town or city. We like to think of a summer session like this: If you want to see something happen, now is your chance to make it a reality.

$1000 Community Project

Students will  work together throughout the program to plan and pitch a community project of their choosing. The ideas, the detailed plans, the written and verbal proposals all come from the students. 

Program Dates

Program dates are different for each community and are included on the application form. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at or contact your local facilitator using their information listed above.

Asset-Focused Deliverable

Students map community assets and produce a tangible product to advertise the assets of their area to travelers who might like to visit. Students will get to present these deliverable assets to their local government for their use. 

The best way to never achieve anything extraordinary

is to keep doing the ordinary.

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